Party Favors for Wedding Guests: 9 Useful and Budget-Friendly Ideas

Orlando Wedding Souvenir

Party favors for wedding guests can take up a huge chunk of your budget especially if you are planning to invite all of your family members and a large number of friends and acquaintances. Because of the many options available these days, it gets challenging to choose just one perfect souvenir you can give to your guests. And so a lot of couples make the mistake of randomly choosing anything they come across that’s cheap but cute. More often than not, those kinds of favors end up collecting dust or just locked up in storage. 

Preparing wedding souvenirs isn’t only a kind gesture, a great way to show gratitude to the people who made time to come to your wedding, but it is also a nice way to keep your special day memorable for your guests. Sure, there are plenty of luxurious items you can give away to your guests but if you’re looking for something budget-friendly and useful at the same time, check out the list below:

Party Favors for Wedding Guests Orlando1. Sweets Like Chocolates: You are expected to be sweet on your wedding day so sweets like chocolates and candies would be a wonderful surprise for your guests.

2. Party Mints: Place them in small plastic containers, boxes, tin cans, or even a cute drawstring bag – party mints will always be a popular budget-friendly wedding favor choice!

3. Hand Fans: Especially if you’re having your wedding in an outdoor venue or a place without an AC, some hand fans can help cool down your guest. Seems pricey? Not really. You can order these in bulk and decorate them yourself. 

4. Charming Miniature Plants: Pretty little succulents, fortune plants, and other miniature greens are very popular wedding favors. 

Wedding Succulents Orlando

5. Sunglasses for Outdoor Celebrations: We’ve seen a lot of lovely weddings with sunglasses as souvenirs. It’s a great party favor, especially for garden or beach weddings. You can even get those cheap but decent-looking plastic ones – your guests will still appreciate them. 

6. Lovely Garden Seeds: Place them securely in a pretty envelope, label, then give away some garden seeds for your guests to grow.

7. Fragrant Coffee Beans: They’re fragrant, relatively cheap, easy to package elegantly – your coffee-loving guests will surely enjoy this favor!

Homemade Wedding Favors Orlando8. Your Homemade Touch: Homemade items such as candles and soaps are also great options for wedding souvenirs – and you just have to spend for the raw materials. Labor is on you!

9. Tasty Pastries: Macarons, donuts, cookies, cupcakes, and more – they don’t just belong on the dessert table. These treats would be perfect for your guests to bring home too. 

While many couples are hands-on when it comes to their wedding such as preparing party favors for wedding guests, the entire planning process can get tedious and stressful too. We are here to help. If you are celebrating your wedding in Orlando and nearby areas, Pink Peonies Weddings is ready to assist you with our wedding planning packages. Call us at 407-590-6693 and schedule your free consultation today!

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