What Do Wedding Planners Do?

What Do Wedding Planners DoWhen a couple decides to get married, life can get very exciting. There’s this one day in the near future that they can look forward to and be very excited about. There are now more decisions and choices to make – from the theme of the wedding to outfits to food and drink options, and even small details such as the songs to play on the dance floor or even the font to use for wedding invitations. All these take a lot of time to plan and work on, and not all couples have all the time in the world in their hands. So many would ask, what do wedding planners do? Should you hire one?

One might think we’re biased when we say this, but yes, we truly believe every couple about to get married deserves to get the services of a great wedding planner. With the help of a planner, a lot of weight can be taken off the couples’ shoulders because planning and organizing weddings can indeed be very stressful, and sometimes even frustrating. Remember, even after you decided to get married, life still goes on. All the things you were busy with previously such as your job, business or daily schedule would all still be there and all your wedding-related tasks and errands are added on to that existing already-tight schedule. 

Wedding Planner FloridaWhen you hire a wedding planner Florida, it is always ideal to do a consultation session first. This way, you can determine and gauge whether the planner is one who could help you bring your ideas of a dream wedding to life. More often than not, wedding planners offer several packages that come with different inclusions. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from those packages. At Pink Peonies, we offer three different packages you can choose from: 

  1. Full-Service Planning and Design: This is the best package for couples who can use all the help they can get for their big day. 
  2. Partial Planning: For hands-on couples, the partial planning package would be perfect. We offer guidance and assistance and make sure that no important details are missed. 
  3. Day of Coordination: Many couples enjoy doing all the planning on their own. But as the day of the wedding comes close, schedules get tighter. When you DIY everything for your wedding, you are left with no time to relax or enjoy this special milestone with your loved ones, friends, and family. Therefore, a Day of Coordination package would be most ideal to get. Coordination begins at least 4 weeks before your wedding day. 

So what do wedding planners do? We help make your wedding day be just like what you envisioned it would be! For luxurious and beautiful weddings in Orlando, Pink Peonies Weddings is the company to call. You may reach us at (407) 590-6693 to schedule your free consultation

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