Wedding Centerpieces: Everything You Need to Know

Centerpieces play a huge role in setting the scene for a wedding banquet or reception. When couples plan their wedding, they usually take time choosing from a variety of wedding centerpieces. Although flowers remain the most popular choice for many, there are now different options to choose from when deciding on the best centerpiece for a wedding.

The centerpieces used in wedding tables can create an overall look or scene in a banquet hall or reception area. They can be large or small, tall or short. Take a look at some of the most common types of wedding centerpieces you can choose from:

Floral Centerpieces

As mentioned, these are the most in-demand when it comes to centerpieces. You can choose from flowers in-season or flowers that match the overall theme of your wedding. 

Floral Wedding Centerpiece Orlando
Wedding Centerpiece Orlando

Non-Floral Centerpieces

The popularity of non-floral centerpieces is beginning to rise over the years. Instead of flowers, you can use candles, frames, leaves, and other decorations. This is also a great option when you know of a wedding guest who is allergic to pollen.

Wedding Banquet Orlando

Short Centerpieces 

A short centerpiece is a great choice for smaller tables or when you have a small wedding venue. It will not obstruct the view from the guest tables to the dance floor or the couple’s table.

Short Wedding Centerpiece Orlando

Long Centerpieces

Long centerpieces are used when your banquet tables are long. Instead of several short or tall centerpieces, a long centerpiece creates a beautiful flowing effect from end to end. 

Long Wedding Centerpiece Orlando

Tall Centerpieces

Especially when you’re in a large wedding venue and you have minimal decorations, tall centerpieces can be very helpful in creating an illusion that the area is full. It’s also a popular choice for outdoor weddings! You don’t even need hanging drapes anymore as these centerpieces will surely make the tables stand out.

Orlando Tall Centerpieces

The Focal Point Centerpiece

Usually found in the couple’s table, the focal point centerpiece is where you can have even more fun. You can make this as extravagant as you want it to be or you can simply choose a larger version of the smaller centerpieces found in the guest tables. 

Focal Point Wedding Centerpiece Orlando

A wedding centerpiece helps set the mood in your banquet hall or wedding reception venue. You can be as creative as you want to be when choosing your centerpieces. This is where you can start making your wedding as unique as possible and stand out from all other weddings your guests have attended so far. We’ve seen some couples who are very involved in creating the centerpieces for tables at their wedding and some of them would even opt for DIYs.

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