Most Popular Wedding Month

Orlando Popular Wedding MonthYears ago, June was consistently the most popular wedding month. A lot of women wanted to become June brides and many couples decided on practically any day in June for them to get married. However, as times have changed, the preference of soon-to-be-weds began to change as well. Truth be told, for a lot of couples, the popularity of a wedding month doesn’t even matter anymore. 

For uniqueness sake, some couples would rather stay off trends or whatever is popular. For instance, gone are the days when every bride had to wear white and all the bridesmaids were expected to wear the same dresses. In fact, so many couples spend so much time planning for a one-of-a-kind wedding that stands out from the rest. 

June was the most popular wedding month because of a certain tradition that involves the goddess, Juno. June, which comes from the goddess’s name, became a top choice for many partly because of superstition. The goddess Juno was the protector of women, marriage, and childbearing. Getting married in June also made more sense since it marks the beginning of summer in the United States. Of course, most couples would prefer good weather on their wedding day. To this day, many couples still choose to get married in June.

Factors Considered When Choosing a Wedding Month

Some couples would choose a wedding month or date based on the importance of that specific date to them. For instance, some would get married on their anniversary date as a couple or on the birthdate of the bride or groom. Others would pick out the special date of the year. For example, in 2012, December 12 was a popular choice because 12-12-12 looked pretty on wedding invitations. In addition, it is the last date of the century where you can get a date with three identical numbers. Others would go to astrologers and fortune tellers to help them pick a lucky date.

Most Popular Wedding Month OrlandoHowever, for most soon to be married couples, many other factors are considered including flowers in-season, availability of guests, rates – prices go up on peak season, possible outfits based on the weather, and more. 

In’s top 10 list of most popular 2019 wedding dates, October 12 topped the list. There were four dates in October, four dates in September, and two dates in June. This brings us to the conclusion that while June remains a popular choice, it is no longer the most in-demand wedding month. For several years now, couples choose to have fall weddings, which made October the most popular wedding month. 

One must remember, however, that as mentioned, rates for just about everything wedding-related go up during these popular months. This is also why some couples who are on a tight budget would choose the least popular wedding months like January. It also gets extra difficult to book your venue of choice such as churches or banquet halls. Therefore, if you choose to get married on a popular month, make sure you’re planning way ahead of time.

October might be the most in-demand wedding month but choosing your wedding date is still your decision to make. Carefully discuss this with your partner because after you get married, you can’t just change your anniversary date anymore. You might as well pick the one out of the 12 months or 365 days in a year that you would love the most. And whether or not you’re getting married on the most popular wedding month, Pink Peonies Weddings is here to help you out! For your wedding planning and design needs in Orlando and nearby areas, we are here to assist you. Just call us at 407-590-6693 to schedule your free consultation!

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